{Even if I dream, even if I cry, even if I get hurt}


I literally just now passed 14,000 followers and in such a short span of time between the last milestone and this?? I’m overwhelmed by the support you all continue to give me! Please send any requests to my asks here and i’ll select a few to do as a thank you~!

Anonymous Asked:
how much do you charge to commission an already drawn piece for a tattoo?

Feel free to use an existing piece of mine for a tattoo! Just make sure you credit the design to me whenever asked and send me photos of the finished piece, a lot of people have announced desires to get my work tattooed and I never see hide nor hair of them excepting a few! 

Had a lazy day today and closed it out with revisiting the Batter from Off.

As an experiment I am dabbling in ADOPTABLES. You can buy this cutie for just $15 and decide their gender, name, occupation, whatever takes your fancy! Send an ask or email me at witnesstheabsurd@hotmail.com , I take payment via paypal at the same address! If this goes ok I’ll probably look into doing more!