"And in those days the Angels were made to wear the skins of colder blood, that they would be steeled for colder judgement on the earth"

Anonymous Asked:
What age did you start drawing this style of art?

If you mean when did I start drawing, around 3 or so, if you mean when I did start drawing with an aim to it being my career/primary occupation, around 7, if you mean when did I start working with the pen/digital colour medium specifically, last summer

Anonymous Asked:
What are your biggest artistic influences? Any suggestions for more art blogs to follow?

Frequently there are times when I can consciously say “oh my No1 Influence is X” but right now i’m at a point where my influences are v diverse and mixed and consequently I can’t name any “biggest” ones. Miyazaki, Q Hayashida, Cate Wurtz, Michael DeForge are all big ones right now, as is the general aesthetic and colour palette of stuff like Sailor Moon (I say S.Moon to specify the anime as opposed to Takeuchi’s manga). Otomo is a recent but potent influence to boot, people like Ito, Barlowe, Mignola are always present to a greater or lesser degree. As far as artists right here on Tumblr I recommend Yiq/Ginsengandhoney , Ilomart, Becdecorbin, Cassetterecorder, Slimgiltsoul, Atrocityland, Puppytube, Goatpox, the aforementioned Cate Wurtz (Lamezone/Partydogge) and Squeedge! (I’ve forgotten tons I know it i’ll regret not adding someone as soon as I hit publish)