Although they were only briefly closed on account of exams I felt a new post was appropriate with new artwork. In any case, I am now accepting commissions under the prices below! I’ve just left school and am now preparing over the summer to enter into further education at City and Guilds artschool, and i’ll be needing all the savings I can get to help fund my steps towards future independance. I now feel confident in offering a wider selection of more clearly defined options!

For $10 you can get a quick sketch in this style -

For $20 you can get a simple character colour doodle in this style -

For $40 you can have a more complex and complete colour work with a single character like this -

For $70 you can get the same quality but with multiple characters (Price may go up or down at this tier depending on context and complexity) like the image above with the red/white striped background

And at $150 you can have three $70 tier images which is basically buy two get one free give or take $10!

I’ll draw most anything but reserve the right to refuse any subject matter i’m uncomfortable with. I love drawing monsters and horror material so if you have something in that vein i’d be glad to help!

Email me at or ask me at to inquire after any commission proposals you have! In most cases I guarantee delivery the night after your request is agreed! I take payment only after the work is complete - i’ll send you a preliminary image at low res as proof of completion and then you can send me the cash via Paypal. I appreciate any and all interest! Your support has been crucial not only for me on an immediate material level but in persuading my parents that art is a viable career and that I have the skills to pursue it. Looking forwards to hearing from you and if you can’t support me now, a reblog would be superb!

Posted: Thu June 27th, 2013 at 12:32am
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